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Longhorn Vista style icône png transparent


?à???????? Longhorn Icon Pack by Flahorn
------------------ Release 2
--------- - Added Forward icon;
- Added CD/DVD Drive icon;
- Added Control Panel icon;
- Added Device Manager icon;
- Added Games icon;
- Added Hard Disk icon;
- Added Printers & Faxes icon;
- Added Speech Recognition icon;
- Added Sticky Note icon;
- Added WMP icon;
- Added Search icon;
- Added Collaboration icon ?Robert Stein III
- Added Globe icon ?Robert Stein III
- Improved Contacts icon
- Improved Documents Storage icon
- Improved Run icon +bonus Longhorn Pearl and Glass logos - Added icons from LH build 4074 (free to use without any permissions)
1. Contacts icons:
- Company (offline, DND, online);
- Group (offline, DND, online);
- Person (offline, DND, online)
2. Other icons:
- Folder
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Message
- Mobile Syncronization
- Pictures Stack -------------- Don't redistribute or modify any parts of the icons without written authorization.

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